Emergency Utility & Rental Assistance

ICM serves the working poor; those actively engaged in seeking employment or are not receiving enough hours at their current job to handle an unexpected expense. These clients are able to make it paycheck to paycheck, but when a major car repair, a medical emergency, or even a death in the family happens, they are unable to overcome this extra financial burden and are forced to make sacrifices. They are forced to decide between either paying the electricity bill or putting food on the table. Organization efforts focus on returning families like these to their pre-financial crisis state. Over 99% of the households served by ICM are low-income, very low-income or extremely low-income based on federal poverty guidelines.

Last year ICM served 774 households, representing 1,878 individuals, through the Emergency Rent and Utility Assistance Program in 2016, up from the previous year totals of 724 households and 1,626 individuals.

If you need assistance, please call (281) 332-3881 to schedule a meeting with one of our case managers. 

For clients who live outside CCISD and Friendswood ISD please call 211 for information about agencies that help in your area.

Appointments for Help

Call (281) 332-3881 x 1101 to schedule a meeting with one of our case managers or to ask any questions you may have.

Upon scheduled meeting, bring with you:


  1. Unexpired Texas Driver’s License or TX ID Card.
  2. Social Security Card or Birth Certificate for all household members.
  3. Current lease or mortgage, in client’s name. If there is a vacate, lockout or eviction notice, bring also.
  4. Most current utility bill, in client’s name. If there is a disconnect and/or cut-off notice you must bring both statements.


  1. Three most recent paycheck stubs for all workers in the household.
  2. Proof of child support and amount received.
  3. Award letters from any of the following:
    • Food Stamps (TANF)
    • Social Security / SSI
    • Unemployment benefits or denial letter
    • Worker’s Compensation

Crisis Documentation:

  1. Any documentation showing why they are in crisis, such as doctor or hospital bills, car repair bills, theft reports
  2. If you have been given pledges from other agencies or churches, bring pledge documents with you.

Interfaith Caring Ministries