Resale Shop Donation Guidelines

IMPORTANT: ICM Resale Shop is always in need of large furniture donations. To schedule a pickup, please contact the store at 281-332-2025. 


Thank you for considering the ICM Resale Shop for your donation! If the items we receive can be resold, your generous donation will help ICM continue to aid families and individuals in need in our community. The items should be of value or interest to the customer.

You can help us greatly if you keep the following in mind:

  1. Is the item able to be resold?
    1. The item should not be dirty or tarnished beyond normal wear and tear.
    2. Fabrics, linens, and clothing should not be stained, torn, or faded. Please bag linens and clothing separately.
    3. Furniture items should not be stained, broken, torn, have water damage, or have animal hair on them.
    4. Dishes and glassware should not be chipped or scratched.
  2. We will not accept used bed pillows, mattresses, or box springs.
  3. Children’s car seats have an expiration date printed on the seat. They will not be accepted if they are five (5) years or older.
  4. Does an electrical or electronic item work properly?
    1. Power cords must be included, and if possible, attached to the item.
    2. Corroded batteries should be removed.
    3. We are unable to make repairs, so all items must be in working condition.
    4. If an item has a remote control, please tape it to the item.
  5. We cannot accept outdated technology, including the following:
    1. Analog and/or CRT TVs (only flat screen HDTV accepted)
    2. VHS tapes
    3. Audio cassette tapes
    4. Printers that cannot be resupplied
  6. We are unable to accept electrical items that cannot be powered from a standard 120V AC wall socket (e.g., ceiling fans, light fixtures)
  7. We cannot accept treadmills and large exercise equipment.
  8. Pictures and frames with water damage or broken or missing glass cannot be resold.
  9. We sell magazines that are no more than four (4) months old or are collectible items. Please box books and magazines separately from household items.
  10. Games and puzzles must have all pieces. Toys that come in sets (e.g., Legos, blocks, etc.) should be bagged together.
  11. Please bring your donation items in containers that you are willing to leave with the donated items.
  12. We cannot accept clothing, luggage and dishes that have company logos, events, or advertising.

The hours for accepting donations are Monday – Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. If you have any questions about the donation policies, please contact Zach Thomason, Resale Shop Manager, at 281-332-2025.

Thank you!

Interfaith Caring Ministries